Fees & Limits

Our platform is desgined for primitive bitcoin/crypto users. If you are more experienced trader and expecting fee based on open order book kind of system. We are sorry to inform you, you are on not on the right platform.

Currency Buy/Sell Limit per day Deposit/Withdraw Fee Min/Max Deposit per transaction Min/Max Withdraw per transction Settelment timing
BTC {{exchange.buy_limit|format_inr}} / {{exchange.sell_limit|format_inr}} 0 / Varies from 0.0002 to 0.001 depending on withdraw amount. {{exchange.deposit_crypto_limit_min|format_btc_short}}/ {{exchange.withdraw_crypto_limit_min|format_btc_short}} / {{exchange.withdraw_crypto_limit|format_btc_short}} 1. Deposits requires 3 network confirmations,
2. Withraws are processed once every 10 minutes.
INR -- 0 / 0 {{exchange.deposit_cash_limit_min|format_inr}} / {{exchange.deposit_cash_limit|format_inr_inf}} {{exchange.withdraw_cash_limit_min|format_inr}} / {{exchange.withdraw_cash_limit|format_inr_inf}} Withdraws are Instant. Deposits within 6 banking hours.